How To Claim Your First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit in Denver

by Bob Maiocco Denver Real Estate Guy

in Denver Real Estate Market News,First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit

The has been so helpful for many Buyers in the Denver market.  We’ve been helping people take advantage of this incentive for months now and as the deadline looms in the near future (December 1, 2009) we’ve been seeing more and more of our prospects jumping on the money!

Above is a great downloadable guide to jumping through the right hoops to be sure you can take advantage of the tax credit and the huge number of homes available for first time home buyers.

Here’s a quick summary:

1.) Get prequalified by a mortgage lender so you know exactly how much home you can afford.  If you need a referral to a lender let us know—we’ve pre-screened,

2.) Use our powerful search tool to find homes that fit your goals and lifestyle,

3.) Call or email us to set up a tour of your favorite candidates,

4.) We’ll guide you through the contracting and closing process,

5.) Fill out IRS Form 5405 and mail it off to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

6.) Wait for your big, “Thank You For Being A ” tax credit check  of up to $8,000.00!

Click on the booklet above for a downloadable guide to maximizing the tax credit.

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